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Tsutako Takeshima
武嶋 蔦子
Takeshina Tsutako
Age 15
Gayness 7
Boldness 8
Commitment 1
Lewdness 1
Relationship Status Single

Tsutako Takeshima is a supporting character in the yuri series Maria-sama ga Miteru. Yumi's friend and avid photographer, she is the "ace" of the Photography Club and helps out sometimes for the school's newspaper.

Yuri Feats

  • She knows that Yumi secretly admires Sachiko, that morning Sachiko re-tied Yumi's scarf for her out of nostalgia, even if Sachiko didn't realize it, she wondered if she's warming up to Yumi. Viewing their photo she took she supposed it's as though they're soeurs.
  • She was the first girl to discover the unpleasant situation for Yumi who is known for her cheerfulness to let loose a sigh on her desk, deprived of the joy of giving chocolate on Valentine's Day, plus the object of Yumi's affections she knows is Sachiko, and for the possibility of Sachiko to end up going on a date with someone else, she can see how that could get to Yumi, plus if there's no place for Yumi at the Rose Mansion, and talk in the classroom has turned to be nothing but Valentine's Day.
  • Since she have been asked to secretly photograph Shimako and Shizuka on their date, she was excited to know from Yumi where Shimako was going on her date with Shizuka, because it feels more real if the school newspaper club print photographic evidence along with the reports, they haven't been notified where Shizuka and Shimako will be going on their date, that's why she was working desperately to gather information.
  • Her aim was to capture the white and yellow dates on film above all else since Rosa Chinesis en bouton and her petite soeur were having a secret date, subsequently when Rosa Foetida en bouton just arrived and met Chisato Tanuma she took their picture before hurrying downstairs to their whereabouts.
  • The reason for her miss was because she was just a little late in taking the shot of Chisato in Rei's during their date.
  • For the graduation ceremony of the Lady Roses, she took photos of them using her camera to upload to them.
  • Since Shimako looked nice to her in a photo which she secretly took of her smiling besides Noriko, firstly she let her know how she prefer looking at her smiling, then pointed at Noriko to say how she looks very nice too as a reflector disk which is the mirror board that reflect light to an object, she later explained Noriko is a person who puts light onto Shimako, based on that she had an impress in inducementing Shimako to make Noriko her petite soeur.