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Hello, I'm a Yuri otaku named Kou Bijutsu, also called "Kou-chan".

Favorite songs: Wave, and Hybrid by Vocaloid Lily, Love is My Rail by Suzuki Konomi, also Red fraction by MELL sounds good, Butterfly by LOONA, Get It by Pristin V, Why Not by BULLDOK, Sunrise, Memoria, Summer Rain by GFRIEND, Full Moon, Fly High, YOU AND I by Dreamcatcher, Save Me Save You by WJSN.

Aura Color: Aqua aura

Most notable traits: Charitable, deep, laid-back, eccentric, paradoxial, independent, passionate, highly intuitive, disconcerting, can't stand any kind of constraint, marginal, uncompromising, but also opportunist, and can be violent and sadistic only against antagonists, (which means i'm kinda protective).

Editing method: To draw on characters ready for the expansion while creating at least 10 short articles per week, that's by adding some characters that are proven to be high in their gayness rate in order to reap the fruits more quickly on the way to make a certified database for the lesbians among anime girls.

Welcome to all new editors to the Yuripedia, here you'll find some advice to help you make awesome pages while using the Classic editor mode showing on the arrow to the right side of the edit pen icon, then switch to Source Mode, by reaching that stage, y'know you've stepped on the realm of editing: first of all the infoboxes enrollment spell is way easier if you just add the following format, try this one out:

{{character Infobox

|name = (please add the info after a space because if you didn't put the space the info might be deleted or even the infobox might not appear on your page).

|image = (please add the title of the uploaded image to the gallery after a space because if you didn't put the space the picture might be deleted or even might not appear on your page).

|name-kanji = (same here)

|name-rōmaji = (same here)

|Gayness = (same here)

|age = (same here)

|Boldness = (same here)

|Commitment = (same here)

|Relationship Status = (same here) }}

Extra tips: Level 2 headline is essential to set Yuri Feats and Gallery. Italic text is essential to set the source of the character. Bold text is essential to set the name of the character at the heading of the page.

Gallery enrollment spell

with the Classic editor: 1- Upload the pictures of the article you have created to the Wiki images from the explore section 2- Copy the title of each picture you have added 3- Returning to your page, after the Yuri Feats section, type the following spell:






4- Paste the names of the pictures you have gathered in a separate way by adding a space after (.png or .gif etc). 

Warning: the gallery addition can be rather sensitive or complicated for beginners so make sure you make a space after each title.

For categories use the spell [[Category:Example]] 


let's build a yuri nation to where its light can dance in it elegantly and freely.