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Uzume Sarume
Sarume Uzume
Age ?
Gayness 10
Boldness 8
Commitment 10
Lewdness 8
Relationship Status In a relationship

Uzume Sarume is a major character in the yuri visual novel series Ne no Kami: The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto. She is the love interest of the Len Esse and the older sister of Shinonome Sarume. She calls Ren her knight and initially thought that Ren was a boy. Since she lives apart from Shinonome even though they're sisters, she rarely comes over to visit.

Yuri Feats

  • She missed Ren a lot when Ren left the village before the start of the game. Once Len came to pay her a visit after a really long time, she just stood there frozen in place, her mouth hanging open and quivering ever so slightly since she have always wanted to meet her again.
  • There's no greater joy for her than adhering to Len's each and every desire, and she's done everything she possibly could for her, be it cheering her up or just helping her out with something.
  • Even after finding out that Len is a girl, she still consider her as her knight in shining armor.
  • In the past, Uzume would cry her eyes out whenever Len would leave.
  • The flower ornament on her hair is the one Len gave her in their childhood.
  • Uzume kept every single thing Len ever gave her, from letters to the snacks and sweets, even the chocolates were stored away safe and sound in a refrigerator so they won't melt.
  • Became a bamboo shoots person since Len fed her some.
  • She adores Len as her Goddess.
  • Would seal the evil gods for Len's sake.
  • She's so obedient to Len that she'll eat the expired preserved chocolates on her command.
  • Her eyes were fixed on Len's face while she shows her directions on Daigo-Ji map.
  • She compliments Len's small and cute figure.
  • She's flustered when Len admired her big breasts.
  • Len thought herself as a watermelon farmer based on her remark: "I haven't let anyone touch them, these have been set aside specifically for you".
  • Ever since the past, whenever Len leave she loses all energy like a toy that just ran out of batteries.
  • She loves to hug Len affectionately. Especially after she hears her love confession she scoops her into a tight embrace.
  • She's understanding to Len, in that she explains her personality and habits very well, and that Len always comes to her when she wants to be spoiled.
  • She have lived the majority of her life with Len in her thoughts.
  • Her first kiss was shared with Len after she asked her nervously.
  • She could never forget the special memories she had with Len, especially when Len kissed her hand.
  • She keeps Len's preserved panties in a frame on the wall, and she was willing to keep the bra she was wearing it by asking Len with a sparkly eyes.
  • Excitedly asked Len to sleep next to her with hearts in her eyes and around her halo.
  • She recognizes Len by her smell.