Vert V2
Age ?
Gayness 3-7 (Depends on dimension)
Boldness 7-10 (Depends on dimension)
Commitment 6-10 (Depends on dimension)
Lewdness 8
Relationship Status In a relationship (Superdimension only)

Vert is a character in the Neptunia series and the CPU (Goddess) of Leanbox. She represents Microsoft (Xbox) Home Consoles as referenced through her appearance in both human and goddess forms, processor units and dialogue.

Unlike the other CPUs, Vert has no younger siblings, although she greatly desires to have one, often acting like an older sister figure to the other CPUs and the CPU Candidates. Vert has a regal demeanour of an elegant lady, but in reality, she's a hardcore gaming addict.

As the Neptunia series has many dimensions (Hyperdimension, Ultradimension, etc.), there are many Vert's in the series with varying, but similar personalities. Depending on which dimension, Vert may be bisexual leaning lesbian or a bisexual leaning straight.

Yuri featsEdit

Superdimension Edit

  • The Vert in the original Hyperdimension Neptunia and the Vert in its remake, Re;Birth1 are the gayest. With Vert sharing many romantic scenes with IF.
  • Vert romantically pursues a relationship with IF throughout the game.
    • The reason she joins Neptune's party in the first place is so she can be with IF.
  • Vert goes with the party, purely because, in her own words, she "couldn't stop [her] inner urge to see Iffy"
    • Later in the same scene, Vert declares that she needs to be with IF 24/7.
  • Vert lovingly feeds pudding to IF with a spoon
  • When IF offers a warmer to Vert, Vert interprets IF as her warmer and hugs IF.
    • Even when a flustered IF tries to offer actual warmers instead, Vert stuffs them in between her breasts and continues to hug IF
  • Vert takes advantage of a cramped space to hug IF close, smothering her with her breasts. Both of them are extremely happy with this, and hearts appear around the pair of them.
  • Vert expresses the desire to get married to IF.

Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation Edit

  • In Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation, Vert snuggles with Nepgear, allowing Nepgear to rest her head on her breasts.
    • Later in English sub version of the scene, Vert suggests that Neptune is practically her sister-in-law.



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