Yūko Konagai
Anime 94850 106232-1
長井 友子
Konagai Yūko
Age 15
Gayness 9
Boldness 10
Commitment 5
Lewdness 6
Relationship Status Dating

Yūko Konagai is the protagonist of the series of mini episodes and manga Nyanko Days. She is shy and reserved by nature and has 3 cats (, Shī and ) whom she loves dearly.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • Through the series, she is often seen cuddling her kitties and petting them affectionately, she couldn't resist doing it in every place.
  • Every time she returns home from school she greets her kitties warmly with a hug, then she gets that mushy feeling around them.
  • There's really no place like home with her kitties.
  • She calls her kitties as angels then hugged them.
  • She is appreciable for Rō and she did patted her after she wiped her table clean, and because she's always helping her out.
  • Shī did cry because she couldn't draw Yūko really well, so she tried to comfort her by praising her drawing.
  • She uses the opportunity for Shī's fondness for biscuits to charm her into sucking her finger.
  • At the movements of her fingers while playing a game, Mā grows excited and interested in it, she playfully and lightly bit Yūko's finger which causes her to exhale lovingly.
  • While she was sitting lonely in her class, she kept starting at the outgoing girl Azumi Shiratori chatting with her friends in a glittery background.
  • While she was viewing a beautiful scene while taking a walk with her kitties, she met Azumi for the first time, and she was so shy when she took her hand and asked her to be friends, she felt so nerve-wrecking.
  • Hearts and glitters are formed around Azumi when she looked at her, and she resembles her of a legit bourgeois.
  • She lets her kitties sleep in her bed, she even patted Mā while she was asleep.


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