Yae Sakura
Gyakushinn Miko
Sakura Yae
Age 500+
Gayness 10
Boldness 9
Commitment 7
Lewdness 5
Relationship Status Dating

Yae Sakura is a playable character in the series Honkai Impact 3rd. The shrine maiden of Yae Village. Despite her devotion, hard work, and wishes for the village's well-being, her ill sister was ultimately sacrificed and used in a barbaric ritual to hopefully quell the honkai. Although Yae Sakura was a miko, in the case of the patriarchal society at the time, her actions were always controlled by a governing force. Birthday: July 22.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • Sakura naturally refused to let her sister become a sacrifice, secretly planning to escape with her.
  • When the moment when the sacrifice began, Yae Sakura dropped the blade in her hand and pulled it up to prepare to escape. However, her sister Rin found that she couldn't run, her hamstring was cut and could no longer stand up. At this time, the Yae chief took the knife in the hand of Sakura and completed the sacrifice. At that time, there was heavy rain immediately from the tears of the Inari. When the villagers rejoiced, Sakura felt hatred and cursed the world that caused her despair. As a result, there was a darkness in her heart, which the malice of Honkai preyed upon.
  • Four years after Rin's death, Yae Sakura grew up and honed her swordsmanship and became a hermit in the village, holding herself responsible for the sacrifice staying away from the villagers, the shadow of Rin's death stands true in her heart.
  • After Kallen vowed to protect her and the villagers, Sakura who had never had anyone who defended her fell in love with Kallen Kaslana.
  • Yae Sakura, still remembering her love and longing for Kallen, noticed that Theresa Apocalypse had a scent similar to Kallen, and that thought she still has someone she needs to protect.
  • When Theresa in a feverish state said "I will protect you" brought Sakura to Kiss Theresa like she wished she did Kallen.
  • Sakura ultimately gave up the 12th Herrscher's core to cure the poison inside Theresa, which resulted in her losing a physical form. Theresa grew fox ears when she used Sakura's power, and transformed the Oath of Judah into the Pledge of Sakura for a short while to defeat her enemy.


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