Yagyu DC Render.png
Age 16
Gayness 10
Boldness 7
Commitment 10
Lewdness 7
Relationship Status In a relationship

Yagyū is one of the main characters in the anime, manga, and video game series Senran Kagura. She is a member of Hanzo National Academy's elite ninja squad as well as a best friend and protector of Hibari.

Yuri Feats

  • She is very protective of Hibari especially when it comes to other perverted girls like Katsuragi or Haruka, and consider herself as Hibari's Knight and protector.
  • Used to treasure her deceased little sister who was hopping around and following her, and considered her the most adorable little girl she ever saw before meeting Hibari.
  • She gets nosebleeds when thinking about Hibari in various situations.
  • When she got sick she saw everyone as a bunch of Hibari's.
  • Gave Hibari the plushie she wished for as a gift.
  • Felt shy when Hibari expressed her appreciation of her last gift.
  • Mr. Bunny Donut is the prize she fights for to give to Hibari.
  • Feels glad that Hibari likes her gifts.
  • Feels too shy to tell Hibari how she loves her again.
  • The reason she accepted Hebijo challenge and fight Mirai: To go to Hibari's whereabouts and save her from Haruka.
  • Photographed a naked Hibari after the bath.
  • Wishes to give Hibari a hug whenever she's anxious.
  • Won't let Katsuragi near Hibari.
  • Asked to rub Hibari's shoulders if they are stiff, to rub them all the way up and down, up & down.
  • Placed her hands on the center of Hibari's boobs after the defeat of the grand grope-a-grapple game.
  • Used the opportunity to grope Hibari while Hibari was busy groping Ikaruga.
  • It doesn't bother her to stay on an island as long as she can make some nice new memories with Hibari.
  • Will cherish the pendant given to her by Hibari and Hibari herself forever.
  • Won't allow Haruka to lay a finger on Hibari.
  • Couldn't resist Haruka's massaging technique at first, saying Hibari's name with tears in her eyes. But she gradually waken from Haruka's heaven because her feelings for Hibari overpowered Haruka's sensual massage.
  • Fought Haruka over Hibari for twice until dark.
  • The reason she said that Hibari belongs to her body and soul: Because Hibari is important to her.
  • Would do anything for Hibari.
  • Can easily get distracted by Hibari to the point of partially losing focus on some battles.
  • Drooled over imaging Hibari in a pink bunny-printed pajama.


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