Yua Nakajima
中島 ゆあ
Nakajima Yua
Age 15
Gayness 10
Boldness 5
Commitment 8
Lewdness 6
Relationship Status Crushing

Yua Nakajima is one of the main characters in the series Hinako Note. Hinako Sakuragi's classmate and later her friend. A haughty and hardworker Modern Tsundere girl who joined the theatre club.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • She strongly loves Chiaki and often has a one-sided rivalry with Hinako.
  • Her heart beats faster whenever she is close to Chiaki, and she gets completely submissive only by her presence.
  • She thinks that the one who is fit for Chiaki is only herself.
  • After she heard about Chiaki's invitation to Hinako to come to the theatre club room, she started to question and dispute Hinako jealously for getting Chiaki's invitation, calling her a little fail shrimp, as she thinks that Hinako isn't fit for Chiaki, she disapproved of her joining the club, but after that she feels guilty for lashing all her anger on lily-white Hinako, and at the end of episode 3 she befriended her.
  • Her dream is to be an actress, and she enrolled in this school because of Chiaki's acting.
  • If she finds herself being kind more than enough for Hinako, she tells herself that mustn't think that way, and that she must harden her heart, like when she was waiting to see Hinako to prove that she isn't angry with her to comfort herself, she thought that Hinako would be bawling after learning about that she's the one fit for Chiaki, and maybe Hinako wouldn't come to school anymore, actually she was wondering what she'd do if Hinako didn't comes up. And when she helps Hinako in every task in the school numerous times, she interpreted it of a conditioned reflex or something.
  • She was so shy when she accepted Hinako's friendship, and when she called her "kind".
  • She dislikes that Chiaki won't look at anyone but Hinako, even though she respects Chiaki so much more than she does.
  • When she slipped in a practice,then Chiaki looked at her, her thoughts ravels, and gets flustered that she can't answer her, and can't breathe and loses her sense.
  • Her aim is to work harder so Chiaki will recognize her abilities.
  • After she heard that Hinako had wearing Chiaki's lent practice outfit, and Hinako had told her that it's sweaty so she'll wash it in her house before she returns it, she jealously shouted that she'll not approve of Hinako to take the heroine role.


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