Yui Funami
船見 結衣
Funami Yui
Age 14
Gayness 9
Boldness 4
Commitment 7
Lewdness 4
Relationship Status Crushing

Yui Funami is a main character from the series Yuru Yuri. A cool-headed girl with dark hair who often acts as the voice of reason .

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • She tends to feel lonely when others, particularly Kyōko, aren't around, but she simply denied it.
  • She have been close to Kyōko since childhood, and she had many memories with her including a one Kyōko had dreamed about which it could be true despite of Yui's deny in a fury. and sometimes she sleeps besides her.
  • She have no suppression to get close to Kyōko whenever she's angry of her.
  • She is caring of Kyōko, like when she bought her her favorite raisin ice-cream then told her to eat it after lunch which made by her. and when she stay up at night for the sake of tutor her for the exams, and when she told her to restrain herself from eating much. and giving her an advice to make her remember her works.
  • She was absent-minded when she thought about how considerate Kyōko can be.
  • She is kind to Chinatsu the most despite her attachment, like when she accepted her invitation to a date, and giving her words of comfort when she's being teased by Kyōko. and when she asked her to take off her dirty shirt to wash it for her. and she can be strangely violent towards Kyōko when she make a move on Chinatsu, it may be proves her hideous love and jealousy over Kyōko, or if the other way was her protection for Chinatsu.
  • She smiled when Kyōko went to buy her the missed ingredient of her cooking, and when Kyōko gave her half-eaten ramen cup for her.


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