Yuki Hanzōmon/Hanzō
半蔵門 雪/半蔵
Hanzōmon Yuki/Hanzō
Age 17
Gayness 9
Boldness 9
Commitment 9
Lewdness 5
Relationship Status Separated

Yuki is a main character in the yuri series Release the Spyce. As the leader of the Tsukikage, Yuki is always cool, calm and collected. She's quick to make rational decisions and is able to use her natural intuition to solve almost any problem. Yuki has been shown to be very blunt and straightforward when offering constructive criticism, however, she's not above above personally apologizing and taking responsibility when she believes that she or her disciple has made an error in judgement. Despite her cold exterior she does have the capacity to be considerate and kind. She's not above complementing or acknowledging somebody when she believes they deserve it nor is she against celebrating on a special occasion.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • She shared a Spyce with Momo.
  • The second time she saved Momo from being attacked by Dolte, a thug member of Moryu organization at Wasabi restaurant, she stayed by her side watching over her laying on bed, after hearing Momo's moaning, she placed her hand on top of her.
  • The one who's most important to her is Momo.
  • Once Momo found her inside her wardrobe, she asked her to go out with her.
  • She had a close relationship with her previous mentor, Nagaho, she would massage her, and blushes when Nagaho grabbed her hand to place on her chest to make her feel the spirit of justice.
  • While having a meal at a restaurant with Momo, she had the food bit which was sticking to Momo's cheek.
  • The night she ordered Momo to shoot her with the memory eraser, she embraced her after she ran to her arms, then called her a "clingy baby".

Gallery Edit

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