Yuma Kusanagi
Kusanagi Yuma
Age 13
Gayness 6
Boldness 9
Commitment 9
Lewdness 3
Relationship Status Crushing

Yuma Kusanagi is a main character of the non-yuri anime series Matoi the Sacred Slayer. The candidate for the next shrine maiden of Tenman Shrine. She have two forms of transformation: a Kitsune, and a Tanuki. She is playful, stubborn, blunt and energetic girl.

Yuri Feats

  • Staring at Matoi's naked body after transformation she expressed admiration for how quickly Matoi can change her outlook because she had bought her some clothes.
  • Even in a fanciful place behind the Gate of Caelum she is able to sleep so well on Matoi's thighs.
  • Between the first and second minute of episode 9, when she looked at Matoi Sumeragi who was putting on summer gym clothes with bloomers she doesn't need anymore because when she unify and transform along with Yuma it won't be a waste of clothes, her reaction was both in a total bewilderment and shyness.
  • Switching into Tanuki Total Defense form she told Clarus that she'll do anything to save Matoi by breaking through the ice barrier made by Saphirus Matoi was locked in the perspective deck of the park, with the help of Anti-Creed Clarus's propulsion skill.
  • For her family head's order to send Matoi to the highest dimension to stop the swell of the hole which leads the world to its end, she was totally against it, and showed great concern for her, like when she was agitated that he was making Matoi do all the dangerous things and fisted him gently then ran away to face Matoi who ran away crying after hearing that her mother Shiori did the same thing in the highest dimension where she was no longer apparent since then, then when she refused to let her transform saying loudly that that Matoi doesn't need to go to the highest dimension either, and doesn't need to do things that hurt herself even if it was the only way to solve the world's end issue, she'll defend her anytime Matoi is in danger with her Tanuki Defence Form, and she's determined to protect "Matoi and the world".
  • The time of Matoi's departure to the highest dimension she was the only one who tried to stop her until Claris held her. Later, she joined Matoi to the highest dimension while holding her hand before their unifying.
  • In Tokyo trip along with Matoi and Clarus, she kept away the boys from approaching or courting Clarus after they dressed her up in a new style.


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