Yumi Fukuzawa
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福沢 祐巳
Fukuzawa Yumi
Age 15-17
Gayness 10
Boldness 6
Commitment 8
Lewdness 3
Relationship Status Newly Dating

Yumi Fukuzawa is the protagonist of the yuri series Maria-sama ga Miteru. Her personality is bashful beyond words, very timid, energetic and unsure of herself. She earned the position of Rosa Chinesis en bouton petite soeur in the first season, and Rosa Chinesis en bouton in the second season. She is from Peach class.

Yuri Feats

  • The first time she met Sachiko was in the morning of Autumn, near the statue of Maria where she was nervous for Sachiko crept close to her to tie her scarf in a proper knot, her blushing was evident on the picture Tsutako took that day, and was embarrassed to show it to anybody.
  • Because Sachiko didn't remember what happened between them the morning Sachiko crept close to her to tie her scarf in a proper knot, she shed tears of heartache.
  • The moment her Sachiko touched her shoulder at dusk time in the Rose Mansion discussion, she kept staring at her for a while.
  • The second she embraced Sachiko's smile at her the first time she entered the Rose Mansion while sitting next to her she blushed and looked away.
  • The time she was dragged to lunch with Shimako alone to skip the fuss of questions of the other students about her relationship with Shinako near the Ginko nut trees, she blushed after hearing Shimako's last words; that herself and Sachiko would be a good match.
  • When she was alone afterschool to avoid being stared by the students, and decided to leave after everyone else has left, she played some tunes on the piano, the same one which was played elegantly by Sachiko at the first-year student welcome ceremony hosted by the Yamayuri Council, that time she stared admiringly at her with a slight blush on her cheek.
  • Her deep understanding of Sachiko was clear when she didn't go to call the security guard since Suguru was making a move on Sachiko, because she was afraid that she will leave her in a bind, for she understands that's what it was written on her face.
  • After Sachiko slapped Suguru (who happens to be her fiancé), and craved that he will refrain from getting carried away before he was about to kiss her, Yumi ran after her at sunset until the greenhouse, then she sat next to her, she didn't know what to do and regretted that there's nothing she can do for her.
  • Compassionately she touched Sachiko's back in the glasshouse and allowed her to give her the rosary.
  • "Sachiko's Cinderella at the school festival's play was splendid" is what she said to Sachiko one night.
  • One night after the school festival, while her cheeks were blushing for accepting and receiving the rosary of Rosa Chinesis en bouton at the sacred ceremony, the night she became the petite soeur of Rosa Chinesis en bouton, their only witnesses were the moon and Mother Maria.
  • Her biggest fear: if Sachiko already finds her disappointing and demands to have the rosary back.
  • The very sound of the words "Onee-sama" (dear sister) somehow seems too good for her to utter for Sachiko.
  • If she was a second year, she would want a first-year student like Yoshino for a little sister.
  • She answered Yoshino's query with agreement that she felt a thrill in her heart for receiving the rosary from Sachiko.
  • If it was her, returning the rosary to Sachiko would be unthinkable unlike Yoshino who once made it, she thought about it while blushing and staring at Sachiko who was gently wiping Rei's imprinted kiss off her cheek.
  • The first time she called Sachiko "Onee-sama" (dear sister), she was shy.
  • If there's anything Sachiko would like her to do she'll do it, like when Sachiko sighed and looked tired she would prepare her cups of tea as much as she desires, and give her shoulders massage too, and she would like to at least help her, she knows it wouldn't be possible for her to solve Sachiko's problems but she thought she could at least be someone she could vent to.
  • While walking with Sei she stopped with disapproval that she cried donating herself as well that Sei is supposed to be putting her support behind Shimako, Sei's little sister instead of Rosa Canina, became she's her soeur, regretting that both of herself and Sei just silently stood by and watched, that was beyond sad to her.
  • Her sorrow was increased after witnessing Sachiko was greeting Rosa Chinesis warmly because she got to see her, and changed her route to go downstairs, feeling that she's of no use to her, and incapable of doing anything for her even though she's her soeur, once she came across her in the courtyard she apologized to her that she was no where inside the academy's building, and expressed her wish with a wavering voice to do something for her but she could think of nothing, and she felt so wretched for it.
  • For she believes that she's Sachiko's support she made sure to watch her at The Roses Election.
  • As she walked with Sachiko in a winter weather she said that she shall do anything for her.
  • The thought of giving Sachiko Valentin's Chocolates made her lost her nerves.
  • While walking with Yoshino one wintry day of February, she casted that Yoshino was going to give Rei Valentine's chocolates, and advised since she was indecisive yet over which gift she would give Rei, to prepare a hand-made gift.
  • Her first Valentine's Day with Sachiko is what she was looking for one wintry day.
  • While staring at Sachiko at the table of the Rose Mansion, she wished she would show her the smallest of smiles, so she would feel at ease after the discussion of Valentine's event, after she showed care of the other Roses.
  • During Lillian Academy Valentine event discussion in the Rosa Mansion, hearing Sachiko opposing the idea of hiding hand-made chocolates on campus, she feared Sachiko didn't view Valentine's Day in a favorable light.
  • Even if she wasn't a bouton's petite soeur, she would participate at Lillian Academy Valentine treasure hunt event to be the one who find Sachiko's card, so she could have a date with her for half a day.
  • If the idea of a date with her hasn't even entered Sachiko's mind, she feels depressed.
  • Feeling Sachiko was a lot busy until Valentine's Day comes, and in result if she won't feel welcome at the Rose Mansion either, is what she was worried about, particularly whwn Sachiko becomes Rosa Chinesis and becomes even busier, once that happens, she feared she might grow apart even more with her.
  • What she persists in the most is to make sure she's not a burden to Sachiko, and to make sure she doesn't worry her, even if she wasn't able to tell her, about her feelings of loneliness have nothing to do with the darkness they walked home in one night.
  • Letting loose a sigh while she was sitting on her desk when she's known for her cheerfulness, and wouldn't go to the library like her classmates seemed to go to look at books on chocolate before Valentine, these statuses of her were effected with the issue in which Sachiko appears to dislike chocolates, she wondered if Sachiko is just against the custom of giving out chocolates on Valentine's Day.
  • During the conversation she was having with Rei in the main room of the Rose Mansion, she guessed Rei who was pointing at various kinds of chocolates from a book of chocolate recipes is actually a really caring person, and what's important is that she has gotten along with Yoshino all that time.
  • In front of the statue of Mother Maria one wintry morning she prayed to let Valentine's Day be the best day ever for her as well with Sachiko.
  • If she thought she mightn't be able to give Sachiko any Valentine chocolate, she feels dispirited, especially in the music room, where she heard from Shizuka about the time Sachiko was pressed to accept a veritable mountain of chocolate, which she rejected, one and all, looking plainly disgusted.
  • Resolutionary she thought that even if she may not be able to give Sachiko any chocolates, she'll do her best in the treasure hunt game, because she wanted to be the first to get to the red date card, as her petite soeur she wants to be the one who understands Sachiko the best, then she supposed she can win small amount of approval from her.
  • From the day she resolved to do her best in Valentine treasure hunt game of Lillian Academy, she have been sneaking around, doing chores in the Rose Mansion, and then going home before anyone sees her.
  • She thought while staring at Sei and Sachiko recalling that Sei has been accepted by the school of her choice, and she wanted to let Shimako know before anyone else, and that they have no need for chocolates, with the White Rose sisters, she believes their bond is so strong, even without any tangible trappings.
  • The morning she prayed for Mother Maria to let Valentine's Day be the best day ever for her as well as Sachiko, she wasn't like she have been avoiding Sachiko, as she said, she was just trying not to get in Sachiko's way, that's why she would just clean the Rose Mansion and go home, in front of her she cried remorsefully, nevertheless, she could never grow to hate Sachiko, but she was unable to say anything, instead only the tears came pouring out, and the outline of the person she cares so much about grew blurry.
  • In the greenhouse where Rosa Chinesis is over-flowing, she wondered if Sachiko hates her for unintendedly avoiding her for the preparation of Valentine's Day surprise, and held one of the Rosa Chinesis flowers and cried.
  • Just before Sei decided to leave the greenhouse, she held her arm while still crying for soon Sei will be graduating, and there's no one else who will help her like she did, with the issue of Sachiko's irritation of Yumi's avoidant behavior, which was later told as a misunderstanding.
  • The evening before Valentine's Day she wondered why don't Sei just tell Shimako that she wants chocolates rather than herself, and she hoped she'll give up on having her Valentine's chocolates.
  • For Valentine's Day, the even chocolate truffles she made were meant to be given to Sachiko, and the ones she messed up were meant to be given to Sei.
  • Staring at Sachiko going upstairs to the main room of the next floor of the Rose Mansion before the start of the treasure hunt game for the petite soeurs, she was filled with determination to find the red card, without fail.
  • Gazing at Sei who entered the room Shimako's card was possibly hidden, she secretly thought it was lucky for Shimako to have a date with Rosa Gigantea.
  • At the last fifteen minutes of Lillian Academy Valentine treasure hunt game, she reached the greenhouse to dig in the same spot Sachiko hid her red date card, near the base of the bush of Rosa Chinesis flowers.
  • Egressing the greenhouse with Sachiko the snowing Night of Valentine, she asked her politely to wait for her at the Rose Mansion.
  • At the snowing Night of Valentine she gave Sei her hand-made chocolates in a red wrapped gift, and winked at her, though they're really bad tasting truffles.
  • At the snowing Night of Valentine she presented Sachiko her hand-made chocolate truffles while they were alone in one of the rooms of the Rose Mansion.
  • The reason she explained for Sachiko in the Rose Mansion about why she avoided her previously, it was because she wanted to give Valentine's chocolates to her, so she sought Rei's advice and made chocolate truffles, she wanted to keep it a secret from Sachiko, which is why she ended up sneaking around, she believed she had gotten so worked up and carried away all by herself, in a result she had no time left to consider how it might come across to Sachiko is what she regretted, she believed Sachiko hate Valentine's Day chocolates, but she desperately wanted to express her daily gratitude to her in a tangible form, yet the target of Sachiko's disgust she comprehended later by Sachiko's words, was a segment of the student population who attend to satisfy their need to give someone chocolates on Valentine's Day.
  • She blushed when Sachiko approached her more to receive her Valentine's chocolates, but when she mistook the box of chocolates for the one which meant to be given for Sei, encompassing the one she messed up in making them perfectly, and after Sachiko insisted on taking the first box, until all of the chocolate truffles inside both of the boxes came out, the first box was mutually pulled with opposite directions, leading some of them to land on the table, she agreed with Sachiko that it was some sort of performance called Surprise Chocolate to soothe the situation a bit, though both a good and a bad one were missing in the end, she assumed the one Sachiko ate was a good one, and she planned for every good one Sachiko draws, comes with a ticket to go on a date with her for half a day.
  • For Sachiko to be secretly admired by someone she doesn't know as Mifuyu is what she found to be so romantic.
  • With eagerness and energy she dug near the base of the bush of Rosa Chinesis flowers in the greenhouse, in order to get the red date card of which its winner will have a date with Sachiko for half a day.
  • On Sunday she planned to go on a date with Sachiko after Valentine's Day with one week.
  • ʺThe Forest of Briarsʺ a novel book about a love story between two girls named Sei Suga and Kaori, is what she bought with Sachiko, since she was curious, she tried at least read through it once.
  • If Sei Suga turns to be Rosa Gigantea, she said she will probably have great respect for her, and maybe will ask her to sign her own copy.
  • Even though what Yoshino wanted to talk about on the phone wasn't the contents of the novel "The Forest of Briars", she was crying with the novel laying on her thighs, hugging a pillow while sitting on her bed, talking about Sei and Kaori who were best friends, are almost separated from each other by the adults, so on Christmas night, they leave on an aimless journey, the two had planned to die, but when Sei woke up in the hospital, Kaori had already gone to Heaven, after reading it she can't imagine the setting being any place but Lillian.
  • Parts of the novel "The Forest of Briars" reminded her of Sachiko and herself, and she was moved to tears when she read it, though Yoshino didn't cry even when she got to the end.
  • Near the Non-Curricular Guidance office Sei was called to, she blushed when Sei her by sticking her forward body against hers, and informed her timidly that she wanted to know whether she's the author of "The Forset of Briars", since she was curious to know more about her.
  • She explicated why Sei wanted to treat the petite soeurs Yoshino and herself to ramen was because Sei thinks they're so cute.
  • The impression she got and shared with Yoshino after hearing Sei's previous love story with Shiori afterschool, is that Rosa Gigantea must still have feelings for Shiori.
  • Doubting Rosa Gigantea still having feelings for Shiori, she wondered if that's the reason Sei didn't destain Shimako, because it's not nice to her.
  • To actually come to the point of going on her first date with Sachiko is what she was excited to have, also she promised to keep her entertained to the end.
  • The possibility of the beginning of the breakup between her and Sachiko is enough to make her troubled and uneasy.
  • Out of her deep concern about Sachiko, she thought and asked her about her preference before and during their date.
  • Starting with eleven o'clock in the morning at the train station was the procedure's beginning of a schedule for her date with Sachiko.
  • Since she was indecisive about making a schedule for her date with Sachiko, she decided to ask Yoshino for advice who was troubled with Rei's planned date with another girl for the Valentine event, then Shimako who has to go on a date with Shizuka as well, whose Shimako's rival when it comes to Rosa Gigantea, so she hesitated.
  • The reason she clarified for choosing Yoshino first to ask her for advice regarding her date with Sachiko, is because she deemed Yoshino must have gone on many dates with Rei, so she may give her some good ideas.
  • Yoshino was making a list of the chocolates that Rei didn't decline, because Rei can't miss any girl when she gives return gifts was what she admired about her.
  • The most intense nervous feeling she have ever been in her life was before her first date with Sachiko, that if she could, she'd almost wanted to curl up into a quivering ball in a corner of her room, and was more nervous that she was shaking after her brother said unlucky things to her as about ending up revoking her relationship as soeurs with Sachiko that day.
  • Gazing at Chisato Tanuma in cute outfit meeting Rei on their Valentine's event date, she wondered if she should have not been shy about it and dressed up more, because she wore jeans, she also worried if she doesn't match how Sachiko is dressed.
  • Just because Sachiko wanted to buy a dictionary so as to personal purchases can be made out of their individual's wallets, and she recommended Sachiko to buy it on their way home because if Sachiko buy it now, she'll have to carry it around, she was lost in her own thoughts of concern, whether Sachiko is not used to going shopping, or maybe when she goes out shopping, her attendant carries her things for her, so she asked herself if it was a really good idea to ask Sachiko on a date like that.
  • Since Sachiko wanted to try doing the things that Yumi normally do, she planned to start their date with some window shopping.
  • For it was written in a Feng Shui book that starting by taking the elevator to the top floor and coming down in stages was better, she was happy Sachiko agreed to do so, her motivation was because even the slightest good thing that might happen while she was there with her would make her happy.
  • Only because she heard Sachiko saying that she had fun at the window shopping but dealing with all the clerks who come to recommend their various wares can be exhausting, that remark was enough to make her worried.
  • At Nash's Burger she thought it was strange for her positions with Sachiko are reserved from the usual, but she found it kinda fun somehow, for Sachiko ordering two each of the hamburger, and oolang tea, and one medium fries to share with each other, steering clear of nuggets and apple pies she thought Sachiko did a perfect job placing the order, and paid for it perfectly too, until she missed the "self-serve" system in which the customers carry their own purchases to their seats to eat.
  • After knowing Sachiko at home even eats sandwiches with knives and forks, she was willing to ask for some knives and forks meant for pancakes until Sachiko stopped her.
  • When she founds Sachiko wasn't with her as she was wavering of their yet undecided date schedule she had to plan during lunch at Nash's Burger, she doubted Sachiko become disgusted with their date and went home, so she was in a total anxiety, that she called her out loudly with "Onee-sama", though Sachiko went to a nearby jeans store that had caught her eyes, Yumi's eyes were teary.
  • Wondering why Sachiko suddenly become interested in jeans as they both entered the jeans store, she resolved to be strong, hence she held her hand, and reassured her that she's with her, before conducting her to the different kinds of jeans, she also helped her to put on a standard blue jeans in the fitting room.
  • It just made her so happy to think she and Sachiko have matching jeans.
  • To hear more about Sachiko's past was what she desired, and of course not just about the past, also her present.
  • The unexpected tea party that concluded her date with Sachiko, where she ordered a chocolate chieffon cake, felt to her like a very luxurious time.
  • The night after her date with Sachiko, she called Ogasawara's residence on the phone to thank her for the day, and informed her that she have told her parents that she's a wonderful big sister.
  • About the future that Sachiko mentioned, she was ardent to get to see her beloved sear sister Sachiko again, because that day she had a date with her was such an enjoyable day with her, she believed the next day will undoubtedly be another wonderful day, the future awaiting Sachiko and herself, she was viewing to be hugging Sachiko's arm, so she held the rosary around her neck to say goodnight for her, so she'll meet her again the next day.
  • During her second New Year in Lillian Academy, she wasn't able to see Sachiko because of winter break, and that's the reason she was feeling lonely.
  • With pleasure she accepted Sei's invitation to go to the Yamayuri Council New Year's Get-Together just to see Sachiko.
  • Meeting Kashiwagi (Sachiko's fiancé) as she entered Ogasawara's house, she believed she doesn't have a very good impression of him.
  • Meeting Sachiko in her house for the first time, she viewed her dressed in a kimono of the New Year with such delight.
  • With blushing cheeks, she couldn't believe she's getting to spend time at Sachiko's house.
  • She was fed a takoyaki by Sei in the kitchen of Ogasawara's residence.
  • What she feared the most in the New Year: If she was told to go home and leave Sachiko, and she was happy to stay one night at her house.
  • Listening to Sachiko chanting "Upon The Long Night" poem, (which is a good luck charm of firstly writing a poem starting with "Upon The Long Night" on a paper sailboat, and sleeping with it under her pillow, in order to have a good first dream of the New Year) she was fascinated and found her chant to be so elegant.
  • Sleeping with her futon bed next to Sachiko's, she never thought she'd spend her New Year like that, and she noticed she turned out to be even more extraordinary than she imagined, and she felt this was sure to be a good year.
  • Staring at Sachiko's sleeping face while she was next to her, she wondered if she was gone to sleep before she opened her eyes.
  • Her eyes glittered before sleep, after recalling Sachiko's saying that it made her happy that she came, and asking her to come visit again.
  • She felt so happy the day she went to spend the night at Sachiko's house, even though a year that starts this way will pass by like a dream, no matter how she struggle, time will continue to pass mercilessly, so she preyed for Mother Maria to make it so the brilliance of these memories will last forever.
  • Because she felt like she's making herself useful to Sachiko, and that made her happy, she got carried away in preparing for the send-off ceremony for the graduates, that she carried a vase weighed about ten kilos.
  • While she was in the infirmary eating from her bentou, she started to shed tears and cry inasmuch as she presumed she's not worthy of Sachiko's kindness, only because she got wrapped up in the tasks of preparing for the send-off ceremony for the graduates and the first-year students perform, got worked up on her own, and got carried away all by herself. She also felt a warmness and melancholy to Sachiko's hand placed on her brow.
  • For Sachiko's sake she slept one night before the first-year students perform, and skipped the rehearsal of the Yasuki Folk song known as "loach scooping" show, because she believed it would be bad to worry her.
  • Bringing her face close to Sei's inside an empty classroom after closing the door behind them, she demanded to do anything she can for Sei, any requests or favors or promises Sei want to entrust to her before leaving Lillian Academy, something to do with Shimako, for example. when Sei was about to give her a kiss on her lips as a parting gift
  • Resolved to cut the scene when Sei was about to give her a kiss on her lips as a parting gift, she was blushing.
  • After she resolved to cut the scene when Sei was about to give her a kiss on her lips as a parting gift, she returned to smooch the part near her lips before running away from her again.
  • She knew Sei would be going somewhere beyond her reach since she was to graduate, and she didn't want to make it seem real, she was running away from that.
  • For the smooch she has given Sei the previous day is what she was highly embarrassed by Sei's mention that she covered Sei's mouth with her hands.
  • The sense of reassurance that Sei will be on the same school grounds made her realize how the progress of her happiness increases.
  • The reason why she didn't seem cheerful the day before Spring vacation was because she felt sad thinking of how she won't see her dear sister Sachiko for a while again.
  • During spring vacation of her second year at Lillian Academy, she was hoping that something fun would happen, but nothing happened, on top of that, with the new school term what she was concerned about is that she doesn't spend much time with Sachiko.
  • Meeting Sei in order to inform her about how Shimako wanted to see her, and guessing that she's resisting the urge inference to Shimako's demeanour of looking up at cherry blossoms and becoming lost in thought, thus, she didn't make it to Maria Festival meeting after school on time.
  • Tears willed up in her eyes during Touko's visit to the Rose Mansion, precisely after she put her arms around Sachiko, she was shocked.
  • When Touko visited the Rose Mansion for the second time while the center of the dialogue was focused on Rosa Gigantea, she got disturbed by her calling Sachiko by "Sachiko Onee-sama".
  • Looking at Shimako and Noriko behind the auditorium during lunch break besides the cherry blossoms tree, she reckoned Noriko is so precious to Shimako as she noticed they were both smiling together, and she felt a special closeness between them.
  • Watching Noriko embracing Shimako during Maria Festival, she was touched.
  • While feeling Sachiko's hug after she was invited by her, she considered how Shimako no longer has a dear sister who will be kind to her, someone who will accept her without a word, if Shimako is looking for someone she can comfort and be comforted by. Instantly, with Touko's fiery entrance, she cutted off the hug she shared with her Onee-sama.
  • To have a date for half a day with Sachiko to an amusement park is what she decided to, though at first she feared that Sachiko dislikes noisy places like amusement parks.


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