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Welcome to the Yuripedia! This wiki is dedicated to the yuri genre in anime and manga, and the characters who represent it.

Any help and contributions are very welcome!

What is yuri?

Yuri (百合), also known by the wasei-eigo construction Girls' Love (ガールズラブ gāruzu rabu) often shortened to GL, is a Japanese jargon term for content and a genre involving love between women in manga, anime, and related Japanese media. Yuri can be about the sexual or the emotional aspects of a relationship, or both.


What's this about?

This wiki is meant to be an easy to access database for same-sex attracted (Lesbian, Bi, etc.) female characters from anime and manga. The characters are ranked according to the "Yuri Feats" they had in the show, which is the gay things they have done or said. The characters are ranked in 5 statistics: Gayness, Boldness, Commitment, Lewdness and Status.

How do you measure Gayness?

Gayness is how gay the character is. The gayness is directly measured from the yuri feats she has. For a character to get a profile in this wiki she needs to fulfil 2 conditions:

  • She needs at least a 4 on Gayness
  • Even if she's bisexual, her love interest needs to be a girl or have a preference for girls.

If a character doesn't meet any of these 2 conditions she can't have a profile in this wiki.

How do you measure Commitment?

Commitment is how much a character is loyal to her love interest, giving or showing firm and constant love for a female character. The opposite form of a loyal lover is a flirt, a character who's interested in more than one female lover, so the more loyal a character is, the less flirt she is.

How do you measure Boldness?

Boldness is how much a character is willing to show affection, or reciprocate affection, from her love interest. You can use a tsundere to measure it since they (normally) tend to be 50% Tsun, 50% Dere, so they get a score of 5. If the character is not tsundere you measure it according to how dense or timid the character is, a pretty dense or timid character would get a score lower than 5, but if she doesn't really mind showing and reciprocating affection she'd get a perfect 10. Boldness can be lewd, but it's not always lewd, that's why it's a separated score.

How do you measure Lewdness?

Lewdness is how much a character has lewd thoughts or has a lewd behaviour towards her love interest. The opposite of lewdness is pureness, so the purer a character is, the less lewd she is. Lewdness tend to be confused with gayness, that's why it's a separated score. Romance is the balance between between lewdness and pureness.

How do you measure Relationship Status?

Many qualities can be put to express different types of relationship status. The most commonly used are Crushing, In a relationship or dating (not engaged yet), engaged, married, separated. The crushing/shipping status of each character is graded rightly from the two parameters, the gayness rate and the commitment rate, the more gay and committed the character is towards her love interest the more likely the shipping description fits her. If a character has a score of five and less in the commitment parameter, she’ll be given the “Single” status. If a character has a score of more than 5 in the commitment parameter then she’ll be given the “Crushing” Status. If a character has the Crushing status on a romantic interest who shares the same commitment’s direction then both of them will be given the “In a relationship” status, note that if the gayness was less than 10 then they shall never have the utter status, In a possible relationship/Possibly Crushing can always fit the relationship status for those who has less than 10 in gayness unless she's known as bisexual.


What about the Gallery?

Every character needs a Gallery of pictures from the show or manga. This is both proves the feats they have and makes the page look nicer. A profile won't be accepted if it doesn't have a gallery.