Yutaka Kobayakawa
Kobayakawa Yutaka
Age 15-16
Gayness 8
Boldness 6
Commitment 10
Lewdness 1
Relationship Status In a relationship

Yutaka Kobayakawa is a main character in the series Lucky Star. She is the innocent cousin of Konata Izumi and the younger sister of Yui Narumi. She enjoys the internet also likes hot foods (like oden), and animals; and her dislikes include milk, and aggressive people. She is also noted to be strong at Japanese class; and not surprisingly, she isn't all that good at athletics. She is 140 cm tall. Her birthday is December 20.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • The first time she talked with Minami, she blushed as she gazed at her eyes.
  • To tell Minami how they ended up in the same class, she was happy and nervously shy.
  • To be the only person who knows about Minami's kindness, like when she handed her her handkerchief, is what pleased her because she felt a little special to her.
  • She was moved to tears since Minami accepted her invitation to see fireworks.
  • The night she went with her friends to see the fireworks of the summer festival, she rested on Minami's lap.
  • When Minami helped her stick an infirmary paper, she admired her length and blushed.
  • It was embarrassing to her to walk around the school with Minami at the cultural festival, and as models for Zuka cafe (It's a cafe designed by Tamura where anyone can enjoy shows in the spirit of Zuka, with girls in shiny dresses, and beautiful girls in male clothing serving as waitresses).

Gallery Edit

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