Zakuro Fujiwara
Fujiwara Zakuro
Age 14-15
Gayness 6
Boldness 4
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Lewdness 2
Relationship Status Unknown

Zakuro Fujiwara is a main character in the non-yuri series Tokyo Mew Mew. A famous model and actress. She can speak many languages and is idolized by many young girls, including Corina. Zakuro went to a prestigious school and was fully educated (she speaks English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Japanese in Tokyo Mew Mew). She visits the church at times when she is confused or anxious. Her birthday is September 6.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • It remains unknown if she ever has any love interests at all; she completely ignores all the men crushing on her after seeing her in a bikini in the beach episode. However, despite her being an actress, she shows no interest in guys and she has never spoken of going on any dates whatsoever.
  • She blushed and smiled a bit with her eyes closed once she was embraced by both of Mew Ichigo and Mew Pudding.

Gallery Edit

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